Created Value


We develop our own solutions and technologies for treating urban and industrial wastewater. We adapt these technologies by products tailored to the special needs of our clients.

Our solutions, technologies and equipments are developped in partnership with specialized research institutions and universities in the field.


Development by Management of Changes 

The efforts that an organization has to make to continuously transform to be competitive have raised dramatically lately. These changes are the result of forces associated with technology, globalization of competitiveness and of the markets and human resources. In order to be competitive, organizations cannot stand still for long.


Adiss has created and improved, in its 19 years of activity, its own technology in the field of treating urban wastewater - ADIPUR, materialized in ADIPUR modular compact wastewater treating plants and in our equipments, all manufactured in Europe, Romania.

The Principal of Adiss Solutions

The ADIPUR, technology, products, services and our entire experience are enforced by the solutions we propose. These solutions are characterized on the following principles:


  • based on efficient and reliable technologies
  • adaptability to special situations
  •  profitable investment from the point of view of operating costs.

Design and Research

Our solutions and products are designed by a competent team of experienced engineers and technicians, using the newest 3D design softwares like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, and also programs that simulate the technological flow and the resistance of the materials.


We use modern manufacturing technologies that assure a constant higher quality to the products in a safe, environmental friendly system. All ADISS products are made in a new factory, inaugurated in 2010, with a surface of 10.000 sq m.


The entire company is focused on the needs of the clients. Our products, services and solutions must add value to the projects of our clients. The Commercial department aims at learning and even anticipating the needs of our partners so that afterwards, the entire company is focused on creating that added value. The prompt answer to the requests of our parteners materialized through technical offers, financial offers and even consultancy for the projects we involve in are standard procedures.

Maintenance and Preventive Service

We promote the maintenance and prevention service, so that our partners can never reach situations when their equipments fail to operate.
In case of emergencies, we answer in maximum 24 hours to any request from our clients, whether it is an intervention for repairing or just specialized technical support.

Our Premises

The premises of and the ADISS plant are situated nearby the Baia Mare international airport, being the result of a greenfield type of investment that comprises:

  • 1.400 sq m offices and showroom
  • 8.200 sq m production
  • 30.000 sq m total surface of the location 
  • latest types of machines and tools for debiting, lathing, rolling, sanding, painting
  • 30 special stands for Adipur wastewater treatment plants assembly and municipal vehicles assembly
  • 4 special stands for service, and most importantly
  • a team of 160 people dedicated to offer you quality solutions, products and services.