This logo marks the products that can be sold outside Romania.

We are looking for representatives worldwide.
You can contact us for details at the email or phone number below.

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International Sales Management

Phone: 0040-262 217 113 ( from 8 am to 4 pm, local time: GMT+2 )
Fax: 0040-262 217 113

Complete equipment list available worlwide Up

  • Adigra Automatical rare grate details
  • Helical transporters details
  • Manual rare grate details
  • Basket grate details
  • Adinis Sand development preventer bridge with grease separation (longitudinal decanters) details
  • Adirac RLL Scraper bridge with blades (longitudinal decanters) details
  • Adirac RLLD Scraper bridge with blades (double longitudinal decanters) details
  • Adirac RRL Scraper bridge with blades (circular decantors) details
  • Adirac RSS Radial scraper bridge with suction (circular decantors) details
  • Adirac RSSD Diametrical scraper bridge with suction (circular decantors) details
  • Adirac RLS Scraper bridge with suction (longitudinal decanters) details
  • Overflow for decanters details
  • Aeration panels details
  • Overflow for biological tanks details
  • Polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing device details
  • Crosspieces details
  • Dams details
  • Wall tank details
  • For access and safety details
  • Steel structures for installing process equipments details