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We are pleased to announce that this year we participated in the annual event in Romania in the water and sewage treatment, EXPOAPA 2013, organized as always by the Romanian Associated Water.


Participation of our society, starting with the first edition of this ui events t reached 15 years of existence, has been honored by granting the organizer of the "Together 15 years make sense of every drop of water" trophy that honors us thus recognized and efforts ADISS S.A. in the 20 years of activity in the field of water and sewage treatment.


As with each edition, our stand unanimously praised, was held the meeting with current and potential partners, caused numerous exchanges of information in the industry extremely useful in our business development plans.

It is known that ADISS to occupy a leading position in the field of water and sewage treatment. Already operating in the largest technological sophistication of Romania committed to researching, designing and manufacturing of equipment for wastewater treatment and ADISS SA has developed its own technology in collaboration with universities and research institutes transforming these new concepts into products that meet our customers.

Twenty years of excellence in business led to the development of new products and services in the field of wastewater treatment plants - concept ADIPUR 200 - 6000 PE - compact modular stations, treatment plants for urban communities from 3000 on up to 100,000 PE, dictated vehicles for urban use in classes ADIJET, ADIVID and ADICOMB and a wide range of equipment and wastewater treatment.

Having a solid and modern material base de143 team of professionals from ADISS develop new programs of research and development, design and manufacture to the highest standards that enable companies to Indre pte for us to get pi is emerging in Europe, Asia and Africa.
Surely you will find stand ADISS S.A. and the next edition of EXPOAPA, 2014, as well we will find on other specialized fairs in the country and abroad.

Follow our news section and we will keep you updated with these events.

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