Compact WWTP

The ADIPUR compact wastewater treatment plant is one main product of our company.


ADIPUR is intended for advanced treatment (it also reduces nitrogen and phosphorus) of the urban wastewater and of the domestic wastewater in urban areas with an aproximate number of 6.000 equivalent inhabitants.

In particular cases these plants can expand to treating urban wastewater for up to 12.000 inhabitants.


These wastewater treating plants are capable to provide for the quality parameters established in the European Union by the regulations stipulated in the Directive of the European Council No.91/271/EEC-21.05.1991 and in Romania by H.G.188/20.03.2002 modified and supplemented by H.G.352/11.05.2005.


An important characteristic of ADIPUR is the flexibility in relation to the domestic wastewater flow rate that needs to be treated.
The modular containerized conception of these plants allow them to function starting with a low flow rate up to the maxium flow rate for which they were designed.

The wastewater treating plants modules can be turned off or on depeding on the flow rate, and this leads to an optimal management of the variation of the flow rate and to a significant reduction of the operating costs.

For details, please visit the corresponding page for each series.


ADIPUR is a four series product:


1. ADIPUR 2 (200 - 6000 els)

New concept for Compact modular, mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plants.


2. ADIPUR S1 (200 - 6000 els)

Compact modular, mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed biofilter, overpass containerized and mixing tanks, sludge storage, underground in concrete.


3. ADIPUR S2 (200 - 6000 els)
Compact modular, mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed biofilter and mixing tanks, sludge storage, overpass containerized.


4. ADIPUR BM (500 - 6000 els)
Compact modular, mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plants with mobile mbr biofilter, overpass containerized and mixing tanks, sludge storage, underground in concrete.


5. ADIPUR C (1000 - 6000 els)
Compact modular, mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plants with mobile mbbr biofilter, overpass containerized and mixing tanks, sludge storage, underground in concrete.



Structural design - Options
The options presented are available for all of the ADIPUR series.



The standard vesion of ADIPUR is conceived to function continuously in the outdoors at temperatures between -25° C (-13° F) and +50° C (122° F), operating to its full potential, due to the thermal insulation of the mechanical-biological treatment containers and of the air conditioning system of the equipments technological module.


For situations where the average yearly temperature in the location of the plant is negative or positive, there are options like ADIPUR (-)*, ADIPUR (+)* that have an additional set of options from the standard version, that are meant to assure functioning in weather conditions specific to the desired location of the wastewater treatment plant.

(*) add (-) or (+) at the end of the name of the series to identify the additional set of options from the standard version requested. e.g.: ADIPUR S1 (-).

Outdoors or in the Building

For aesthetic reasons, to integrate better in the achitectural system of the location and/or temperatures that are outside the projected range, ADIPURīƒ’ can be installed completely or partially in brick buildings or steel halls.


Underground or Overpass

The components of ADIPUR can be set up underground or overpass.

For details, please visit the page corresponding to each series.


Transport and Handling

Every product can have a hidden cost, that is why Adipur is designed to be transported and handled in standard conditions.

Built in containerized versions, it can be handled with a 12t mobile or fixed crane and transported:
On the road: with standard transport vehicles that fit the overall gauge for road transportation at a European level.
By ship: built in standard ISO containers for transport by sea.



The Technological Module and Equipments

It brings togeher most of the devices and mechanical equipments for primary wastewater treatment, sludge processing and command mode and automation of the entire plant.

Constructively, this could be:

  • containerized (stainless steel structure) 
  • integrated metal contruction between the biological tanks, in case of Adipur plants larger than 6000 ELS, 
  • metal construction in the form of a hall or brick building.


The Technological Module of Mechanical-biological Treatment

The biological treatment tanks comprise uniformely:

  • the tank for primary decantation,
  • the activated sludge tanks for mechanical-biological treatment,
  • the secondary decanters, 

Constructively, these are containerized, entiely of stainless steel.


Other Parts 

Constructively, depending on the type of wastewater treatment plant, there is a series of other objects that can be arranged in different forms:

  • the mixing tank, the sludge storage tank can be constructed unitarily underground in concrete or can be a complete stainless steel container installed above ground.



Ever since the projection of Adipur a decision has been made to use only carefully selected materials to build it, so that we can offer our clients a reliable product, of the best quality.

Stainless steel - All the container type metalic constructions, the Equipments technological module, the mechanical-biological treatment module, etc. are build exclusively in stainless steel.

UV Resistant Plastic Materials - The technological routes, the assembly elements are made of materials resistant to corrosion, sunbeams, etc. (stainless steel pipes, PEID, PP, hot galvanizing, rubber). 


Why Choose the Adipur® Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants:

  • 20 years of experience of Adiss Company in wastewater treatment plants
  • verified and certified technology at the existing plants, in over 100 projects 
  • the stability of the process and reliability in operating 
  • stainless steel construction - Adipur® and all the embedded equipments
  • low price investment
  • automatic control of the process
  • the posibility to optimally adapt the technlogy and the technological flow at the specific situation of each beneficiary 
  • small placement surface for the plant 
  • option for no odours or noise
  • complete technological support and after sales services (see services for Adipur®)
  • the treated wastewater is reusable according to European regulations and/or the requirements of the client


Specific Advantages for the Projectant/Consultant:

  • low elaboration time for technical documents, because Adiss provides the projectant/consultant with complete tehnical documents for the elaboration of the feasibility study or of the technical project


Specific Advantages for the Constructor/General Contractor:

  • low execution term for the plant, thanks to the modular design and the strict ordering of the achievement stages 


Specific Advantages for the Beneficiary/Operator:

  • minimal sanitary area (can be placed as close as 50 m from the nearest residence)
  • reduction of the operating costs thanks to the performances of the technology used, designed to reduce nitrogen, phosphosrus and sludge stabilisation 
  • very low service costs under warranty, due to the quality of assembling and of the materials embedded in the construction of the plant
  • reduction of the number of operating staff, thanks to the high degree of plant automation
  • monitorizing the entire technological flow, the posibility of intervention and adjustments of the technological phases remotely 
  • operating courses and support for operating.