Municipal vehicles


The combined cleaner - cesspool emptier equipments, the self-cleaners and the self-emptiers of cesspools are integrated mobile solutions for maintenance and cleaning of manholes and pipes from the sewerages of cities, for industrial cleaning and for the transport of fluids and semi-liquids used in technological processes.

The equipments are designed under Holzmann (Austria) license, to withstand the hard operating conditions in Romania. All the components are best quality, the supplying is from Austria, and the production is executed at the ADISS plant (see pictures).

To make sure that you benefit the full potential of our equipments on the entire period of operating, we offer you a complete range of services, maintenance and consultance in order to minimize the operating costs and maximize their operating time. (click here to see the services we offer)
The products and complete services make Adiss an „all in one hand" company for the communal and city services suppliers and specialized contractors who request for performance, long-term reliability and equipments that work exceptionally.
No matter in what part of the world our equipments function, they keep the environment clean and they do not pollute. We are firm to produce and supply environmentally friendly equipments in accordance with ISO 14.000 and the regulations in force.


Adiss produces the following series of specialized machines:

  • Adiss VAC
  • Adiss JET 
  • Adiss COMB
  • Adiss ADR
  • Self-sprinkling machines for streets
  • Drinking water transport

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