Cesspool emptier

Adiss VAC " Cesspool emptier "
ADISS Company having a rich and long experience in treating wastewater has elaborated a set of sewer sistem cleaning trucks, to satisfy the desires of our clients.
The ADIVID truck is a cesspool emptier capable of fulfilling a wide range of operations. It is equipped with devices from dedicated suppliers in the field and this guarantees its functioning in the most demanding parameters.


Functioning principle

The vacuum pump is powered by the transmission belt or the cardan from the gearbox of the chassis by a power outlet, creating a vacuum in the tank. When there is a vacuum inside the rough parts tank absorption is created by opening the valve of the drain hole. If it is intended for the drain hole to discharge, the pump valve has to be operated, that reverses the air direction, creating pressure in the tank. To clear the tank, the drain hole valve placed on the back side of the car needs to be opened. If desired, the drain cover with a diameter of 450 mm can be opened to. The vacuum pump has a valve for pressure relief that prevents the pump from being damaged.

All the machines are commanded from the switchboard.
The AdiCOMB range of products does not limit only to the configurations or capacities presented below. Please contact us to benefit from our free consultancy service to choose the optimal configuration for you.



MODEL Type and characteristics of pumps  Tank capacity  Chassis TYPE  Wheelbase 
ADIVID 5 Air flow:310 mc/h
Vacuum pressure: 0.5 bar
Power: 10 Kw
Rotation: 1500 rot/min
Air cooler
5 m³ 12 t 3690
 ADIVID 7 Air flow: 570 mc/h
Vacuum pressure: 0.5 bar
Power: 17 Kw
Rotation: 1500 rot/min
Air cooler
7,5 m³ 15 t 3690
ADIVID 10 Vacuum pump
Air flow: 700 mc/h
Vacuum pressure: 0.5 bar
Power: 22 Kw
Rotation: 1500 rot/min
Air cooler
10 m³ 19 t 4200
ADIVID 12 Vacuum pump
Air flow: 1600 mc/h
Vacuum pressure: 0.5 bar
Power: 58 Kw
Rotation: 1500 rot/min 
12 m³ 26 t 3820+1380






Level indicator wih a transparent tube
  • Steel tank
  • Hydraulic system for tilting the tank 
  • 0,5m3 Water tank for washing the work surface
  • The back cap is foldable + sludge discharge chute 
  • Hydraulic system to close the cap 
  • Manual locking/ensuring the cap 
  • Hydraulic system for raising/tilting and lowering the cap
  • Hydraulic action system and pneumatic installation
  • Vacuum pump with increased flow
  • 4 Horsepower valve operated pneumatically
  • Mobile absorption arm DN100
  • Mobile absorption arm DN150 - only if the increased flow pump is operated
  • Open tray for accessory supporting
  • Lateral closed laminated steel box, painted in the colour of the tank
  • Lateral closed steel box
  • Lateral closed steel box, painted in the colour of the tank
  • Work surface cleaning gun
  • Additional manhole
  • Manual drum for the washing hose 
  • Washing hose 20 ml 
  • Compressed air device 
  • Vice installed on the superstructure
  • Ladder with support
  • Absorption connecting pipes
  • Absorption hose DN100 L = 3 m 
  • Absorption pipe
  • System for changing the discharge - absorption automatically pneumatically
  • Work light secured on the equipment
  • Mobile work light with 5m of cable
  • Additional beacon
  • Counter for vacuum pump functioning hours
  • Radio command with 7 channels 
  • Radio command with 5 channels 
  • Wire command -7 channels
  • Wire command -5 channels
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Purchasing the entire reporting system (soft)
  • A.D.R
  • Special colour (different from standard)
  • Customized colour and design (multicolored)
  • Fixed support for the absorption hose
Minimal requirements for the chassis: 
  • It is determined by the dimension of the superstructure 



No matter in what part of the world our equipments function, they keep the environment clean and they do not pollute. We are firm to produce and supply environmentally friendly equipments in accordance with ISO 14.000 and the regulations in force.