Adiss JET " Cleaner "

Operating Principle

The water is transported to a tank. The water supplying can be made from the hydrant or through the upper part of the tank. There is a filter installed to filter the water introduced into the self-cleaner.

The equipment has a pressure pump that trains water through a hose equipped with a wide range of cleaning heads, depending on the nature of the clogging, or to another smaller hose equipped with a variety of auxiliary options like a cleaning gun or a cleaning spear. On each of the two ways there is a valve installed that allows choosing the direction of the water. A pressure regulator allows the work pressure of the water to be adjusted, this also allows the excess water to return to the water tank.

Water under pressure is used to unclogg and clean sewerages, pipes and to clean the work surface.
The AdiCOMB range of products does not limit only to the configurations or capacities presented below. Please contact us to benefit from our free consultancy service to choose the optimal configuration for you.



MODEL Type and characterstics of pumps Tank capacity Chassis TYPE Wheelbase
ADIJET 5 Triplex type with pistons
Flow: 190-283 l/min
Pressure: 200-135 bar
Power: 75 kw
5 m³ 12 t 3690
ADIJET 7 Triplex type with pistons
Flow: 190 - 283 l/min
Pressure: 200 - 135 bar
Power: 75 Kw
7,5 m³ 15 t 3690
ADIJET 10 Triplex type with pistons
Flow: 269 ÷ 326 l/min
Pressure: 205 ÷ 170 bar
Power: 110 Kw
10 m³ 19 t 4200
ADIJET 12 Triplex type with pistons
Flow: 269 ÷ 326 l/min
Pressure: 205 ÷ 170 bar
Power: 110 Kw
12 m³ 26 t 3820+1380




Water tank
  • Made of steel, 6mm wide, and the caps have a width of 8mm, primed and painted 
  • Manhole ø 600mm
  • Waves crusher
High pressure pump
  • Triplex pump with pistons 
  • According to sizing
  • Main fixed drum located in the back of the water tank for the 1" high pression hose, with a hydraulic winding device for the hose, equipped with an 80m 1" hose made of rubber that can resist to pressures of up to max. 200 bar
Commands from the cabin
  • Switching the pressure pump on/off
Safety system
  • Level indicator - for visualizing the water in the tank
  • Protection system for the high pressure pump
  • Water filter - special filter for sand
Pressure regulator
  • Pressure regulator
  • Authorized by the R.A.R.
Electrical equipment
  • Switchboard - made of sealed stainless steel




  • Protection system against overloading of the high pressure circuit
  • Heating system with no fuel consumption 
  • Heating system with a Sirocco
  • Main back drum with automatical winding, manual opening-closing
  • Main back drum with automatical winding, hydraulical opening-closing
  • Main back drum with manual winding, hydraulical opening-closing
  • Secondary drum operated manually
  • Secondary drum operated hydraulically
  • 1" Hose of 100 m 
  • 1" Hose of 120 m 
  • ½ " Washing hose of 40 m
  • ½ " Washing hose of 60 m 
  • Open tray for accessory supporting
  • Lateral closed laminated steel box, painted in the colour of the tank
  • Lateral closed steel box
  • Lateral closed steel box painted in the colour of the tank
  • Work surface cleaning gun
  • Additional manhole
  • Total clearing system for the pump and pipes 
  • Joint for water supplying from the hydrant
  • Pneumatical pressure regulator
  • Vice installed on the superstructure
  • Ladder with support
  • Work light secured on the equipment
  • Mobile work light with 5m of cable
  • Additional beacon
  • Device for measuring hose ongoing
  • Washing head
  • Radio command with 7 channels 
  • Radio command with 5 channels 
  • Wire command -7 channels
  • Wire command -5 channels
  • Monitoring - GPS monitoring system
  • Reports 
  • Purchasing the entire reporting system (soft)
  • Special colour (different from standard)
  • Customized colour and design (multicolored)
  • Counter for high pressure pump functioning hours
Minimal requirements for the chassis:
  • It is determined by the dimension of the superstructure



No matter in what part of the world our equipments function, they keep the environment clean and they do not pollute. We are firm to produce and supply environmentally friendly equipments in accordance with ISO 14.000 and the regulations in force.